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We are proud to be a part of our community and help children with disabilities. Our therapy dogs are giving loving attention to children in need, bringing them smile and happiness !

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Hello, my name is Scarlett.
I am an animal lover. Dogs and Horses were always my passion. I was born in a family of human doctors and I was raised as a medical professional. my mother always wanted me to become a human Doctor, byt I decided to become who I always was, I became a Veterinary Doctor.
My friends and I decided to share our hobby and passion, that is why we decided to open "Magic cresteds" in USA and invite you in the world of magic Chinese cresteds dogs! Our Kennels are very famous in Europe, that is why we decided to introduce top quality Chinese crested dogs to US market. This dogs are unique externally and internally. They have such rare anatomy which reminds me beautiful Arabian Stallions.This dogs are very aristocratic, calm and polite. Once you will see them and meet them, you will fall in love forever!

We have been showing and breeding this dogs over 20 years. My friends Victoria and Elena have also Briards, Poddles, English Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terrier and Spitz. Before I've met CC dogs I had the best friend- my black poodle. Once I lost her I started looking for a puppy to fill this empty spot in my heart and each person who lost a friend will share this sad feeling with me. I couldn't find a right dog for me, because I was looking for the same dog as my poodle, but even though they might look the same, their characters are always different. I opened my heart and decided to remind myself only positive moments of our journey. Finally my sisters invited me to become an owner of amazing Chinese crested dog, because they are the most sensitive breed on the planet and they do look as mini-ponies!!!!.
After learning about this magnificent animals and taking part in family showing, I finally decided to take new family members, of coarse Chinese crested dogs! "*******************

Viktoriya:" Hello friends, I am pleased to welcome you at Magic cresteds!!! my dogs were always in my life, I always wanted to be a part of famous international shows and competitions. One day my dream came true! My dogs are an integral part of my life for over 20 years. We are engaged in breeding Chinese Crested dog and Briards. In 2012 year, we have received the status of breeding kennel KSU FCI for DNEPROSKOYE SOLNTSE. Great attention is paid to the selection of breeding pairs, carefully choosing the blood lines and check up to produce healthy offspring with stable psychic and beautiful anatomy. The pedigrees of our dogs are enriched by bloodlines collected from the best known worldwide kennels.
Our dogs are raised at home, never in cages or outside kennels. We give our dogs the best quality of Veterinary diets as well as mixing nutrients from the best organic sources.
In addition to the exhibition and breeding activity of our pets are active in "therapy dogs". This animals are helping children to conquer fear, develop motor skills of hands, set them up on a positive mood and sharing a lot of positive emotions with disable children.
By purchasing our puppy you get all that will be necessary for lifelong commitment on your new family member, such as advices in care and veterinary prevention, nutrition, training, grooming and more.
Each puppy or young adult dog, which leaves the walls of our kennel is fully vaccinated, healthy and ready to meet their new family. Buying a dog you are not buying just a dog, you are finding a true friend for many years!"*********************

Helena: " Before I've met Chinese Crested Dogs, I preferred large breeds and didn't see myself around small dogs. however once I saw Hairless Chinese Crested Dog, my heart melted. This dogs are such gentle and sweet creatures I haven't meet before.
This dog had soft and warm little body, he trembled and shivered from stress. The puppy was scared at the same time his whole appearance showed kindness to bystanders. After talking with the owner of chinese crested puppy, I decided to buy my first Chinese crested friend.
For beginners, I would like to give an advice:"Please determine for yourself if this is a right dog for you, why are buying a puppy....for show career or you are looking for a little friend? If that is second option, then trust your heart and look for a puppy which you like. If you decide to do an exhibition career, there is a need to understand the purpose of this dog, check out long pedigrees of parents of this puppy,it takes also a lot of reading and learning about the breed. There is another option to find a professional breeder who could advise you and help in selection of best dog for you. After all, it is not going to be easy to show a dog if you don't have enough experience or without assistance of professional breeder/handler, who could teach you what to do in the ring! You have to know that 50% of your show career depend on your dogs genes and anatomy/movements. However the other 50% of luck is in the hands of professional handler!

   Returning to my story I bought my first Chinese crested dog- RUS CRIMSON EMPAER CHICAGO BOOM. At the age of four months old, we started our career and worked hard for a couple of years to get to success. My Chicago is: Junior Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Belarus.
A few years later I brought more CC dogs to our Kennel. We are known now as professional kennel, one of the top kennels in Europe. We are breeding Chinese Crested Dogs (KHS) and Bernese Mountain dogs- «Magic Cresteds» is breeding beautiful, healthy dogs, with excellent pedigrees. Our dogs are the winners of exhibitions and shows of various tribal rank. Thanks to the professional selection of breeding pairs and the use of the best bloodlines of leading kennels in Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland and Belarus we've got a great population of top quality of Chinese crested dogs".*******************

"We are very professional breeders! We are working hard on our name and reputation all over the world. We are very proud of our dogs and our achievements in show-rings! Our dogs have many titles and are Champions of multiple countries in the world!
Our puppies are finding best homes in different countries around the globe among breeders and animal lovers. Our babies are in US, Canada, United Arabian Emirates , France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Hungary,Ukraine, Croatia and Moldova. We united 4 best kennels in one in order to bring best of the best dogs to you dear customer. Please remember only one thing about our puppies, we ask you kindly to JUST LOVE IT !!!"....<3